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This one life we have. . .it passes way too quickly.  We’ve come to crave speed, instant gratification, & have a greater desire for more & more.  I have to constantly remind myself to stop staring at the glowing screen & look a loved one in the eyes & see them, I mean really see them; to step back from the flurry of living & frame my life in memories – who I am & why my life is so rich.  My life is full because of the people I share it with.  It’s dinner with friends, sharing the wine my dad made while the ocean breeze plays with my curls.  It’s freezing the moments in time where I faced my fear, accomplished that goal, laughed until I cried, or cried because I felt something so deep.


That’s what I want the heartbeat of my photography to be.  I want it to be more than just coordinated outfits, perfect hair & makeup, & ethereal light.  Actually, the word photograph means “writing with light”.  As a photographer I love the light.  I look for it every day & I stop when it plays it’s melody & I breathe it in.  It tells a story & brings a richness to our lives.  Everyone of us is birthed with a light that is unique to each & is meant to be shared.  It’s my desire to stop & see the light in your eyes & freeze it in time.  I want my photographs of you to breathe…to inhale who you are & exhale your beauty, to capture your song & leave it behind for all the world to know what melody has graced this planet.  My aim is to capture you, to tell your story just the way it is because it’s worth telling & leaving a legacy for those who come behind you.  You are valued & worth being treasured.

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