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I think spring is my favorite time of year. I love when the air turns warm & the flowers begin to poke their heads through the barren dirt & it feels like the world is coming to life again. I love the feeling of a fresh start. It’s funny how the year has a lot of fresh starts within it. We have New Years, spring, our birthdays, anniversaries, & the Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah. One thing i love about the new beginning of spring is cleaning out.

I’m majorly in the cleaning out phase. We combined our belongings when we moved into a rental & of course I realized I have way to much stuff. It’s time to purge. One thing I’m tossing out is all of my old backup discs. I know, it’s scary but I’ve grown so much over the 11 years I’ve been shooting & it’s time to make room for even more growth. So, your images are looking for a new home. I’m selling digital collection for 25% for any session or wedding shot between 2005 and 2014. If you purchased a digital collection make sure you still have it before it’s gone forever. Contact me to find out what all I have of yours & how much you can save. Hurry, because they’re gonna be gone by the end of March.


Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Atlanta-Georgia-Family-Photographer_0001.jpgI just can’t ever express or say it enough how much it means to me that I get to watch your kids grow up! It’s truly an honor & privilege to be chosen to tell the story of your lives. That you love the way I see you & choose to come back to me document how your little ones have grown.

The Budnick family is one such family that has trusted me with camera in hand to tell the story of them since before Cate was even born. They have found a way into my heart & honestly I think of them every time I pass their street when I’m in Jacksonville. I love that we take pictures & laugh at little munchkin’s shenanigans but I also love that we take a few minutes to catch up on what’s going on in our lives. We’ve become friends & we care about each other. I’m so blessed to have them in my life. Love you guys so much & am so thankful for your friendship!


Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Jacksonville-Beach-Family-Photographer_0002.jpgOh Florida weather, how I miss knowing you & your laid back friends! The heavens opened & the waters kissed the Earth just before this sweet family’s session. Ryan & Shannon came out in true beach fashion, relaxed & ready to go with the flow, so we waited it out a few minutes & then we got that yummy light. It was so great to catch up with them since their wedding a few years ago & meet their little one! Love you guys so much & thanks for being so awesome!


Meghan-Stewart-Photography_0042.jpgI remember sitting on the purplish pews at our church in San Marco & hearing a new friend share her testimony of recently being saved & how being a Christian was so much fun. I think I might have laughed to myself & mumbled under my breathe, “Yeah, right. Just give it some time & then your tune will change”. To me, being a Christian meant rules, being different, trying not to “mess up” so God wouldn’t cut me off or shut the door on me, & sort of just biding my time on planet Earth & never enjoying the journey. Then, in that same church I sat in the kitchen area with an elder & cried as I watched all that I’d known & trusted fall apart as our church made a major split. It was then I had to find God for myself. So, I began a journey of searching for truth & finding freedom. I church hopped for a bit, went to conferences my mom was going to, prayed for God to show me who He was, & then I sat in that elder’s son’s kitchen & something happened. He prayed for me. I can’t remember what he talked to God about on my behalf but I remember my life shifting in that moment. I felt the Father’s love like never before. I knew without a doubt He loved me & all of a sudden my friend who said being a Christian was fun had proven me wrong. My tune changed & following God in this journey became such a fun adventure.

My walk with God & learning to trust Him has opened so many amazing doors for me. Yes, it’s been scary but as He’s proven that He is always there time & time again I’ve learned that when it’s time to move in a new direction that He’s leading me in I know that there is excitement & good things in store. He led me into photography, He taught me that it really is all about love, He’s shown me that He loves me the way I am & I have things this world needs, He moved me to Selma (that was hard) but oh so worth it, He’s led me to my mate & a new city, & now I feel Him leading me in a new direction & I couldn’t be more excited. I feel like I’m being led into being more of who He created me to be. He’s giving me new creative ideas & an excitement again about this journey He has me on. I feel doors about to swing wide, hearts about to be healed, & a renewed joy for creating with Him.

If you are where I was, feeling like walking with God is a drag, I get it. Believe me. There were times I wished I didn’t know about God or that it wasn’t so important to my parents that I live a “holy” life. I wanted to be able to just go to church (or not) & feel like that was enough or say a quick prayer & feel like I’d done my part. I know the idea of sacrificing your life to follow Him can seem so overwhelming & like you’ll miss out on things. I know! I felt like I missed out for a long time but then. . . when i decided to just let go & say, “Okay, God. Show me what you got.”, it was like my world was painted with colors I’d never seen. I found freedom & joy like never before. The fun thing is, is that this journey only gets more exciting, adventurous, & fun! As, I begin to walk in this new direction I feel a permanent smile on my face & on my heart knowing that it’s going to be just another step in further freedom of who He created me to be – my true authentic self. Knowing that He loves me the way that I am, that He longs for relationship with me, & when I do what He’s leading me to do I bring Him so much joy is a feeling like no other.

So, I pray today, no matter where you are in your life, whether you walk with God or not, you’d know that He loves you so dearly. You are His favorite & when He looks on you He sees you as He created you & He is so proud of you. When you feel lonely & lost in this great big busy world please know that you are always always always seen & loved by the creator of the universe. He is constantly at your side, waiting for you to take His hand & go on a journey with Him. He will never close the door on you! He has big plans for you & they are good & they are so much fun! Don’t be afraid to go on adventure with Him, it’s well worth it & so much fun!

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