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_0027.jpgThe relationships, that’s what I love about what I do! Yes, I dream of yummy light & laughing babies but when the day is done it’s the time I spent with my client/friends that matter to me. I photographed  Alicia & Milan for the engagement pictures & tried to talk them into taking me to Hawaii to photograph their elopement but I was just as excited to get the message they had had a little one & wanted to document her first birthday. How sweet is this precious one! I got all the things I love about my work in this session – continued relationship, yummy light, & a giggling baby! Win!

Thanks, you guys, for allowing to the opportunity to meet little miss & to see you guys again! I wish you all the best & hopefully I’ll see you around again some time!


If I were to tell you all that’s gone on in our lives since we’ve been married I think your jaw would drop. Let’s see if it happens. . .

4 weeks after we got married, with the condition of the oil field, Gabe got laid off. That meant I moved to their apartment in Peachtree City before we had planned. Three of us & three cats lived in a two bedroom apartment. With the move to a new city for me my business slowed WAY down which equalled basically NO money coming in. I was nursing a hurt back which made normal life a bit uncomfortable much less working. Gabe got a job but worked long hours. Then he got a better job & threw his back out the second day in & had to step down. He got three different job offers with the oil field & every one fell through for some reason or another. I finally decided to get professional help with my back so I spent money there without it being completely fixed (but better for sure – I am experiencing less pain day by day). Then of course there’s the normal adjustment & learning each other when you move in together, so we worked through all those things too. Maybe small to you but my diet & exercise that I love kind of fell through the cracks so even that release was gone (totally my fault). Gabe has found a job he loves, works very long hard hours, & is very tired when we gets home. We finally found a house to rent, had to break the lease at the apartment, moved my things from Selma, the renters I had for my house fell through, and so this is where we are now. It’s been a CRAZY 10 months but. . .

_0025.jpgthrough the changes, loneliness, tears, hard discussions, stress, and too tight pants it’s been beautiful! When Gabe & I dated (& even still now) we never really fought. Being one that does not like confrontation I told him that if I were to have to work through things with anyone it would be with him. That has proven true for sure. He is my safe place, he is my calm, he is patient, understanding, & so wise. He amazes me at every turn & I’m so blessed to have him in my life forever. These challenges have brought us together, changed us both, & are building a strong foundation for our life together.

I can’t say that I don’t stress about money or don’t feel lonely or out of place anymore. . . I do. Just yesterday I looked around at the mess in my office & the multitude of things to do ran like the Indie 500 through my mind. Gabe left the house with our Wildflower & I sat down amidst the boxes, camera gear, paper, canvases & almost let myself wallow in self pity. No, that won’t fix anything so I got going to make some space so I could think more clearly. Today, I woke to bills to be paid & still the mess but a new day. It’s a day, like every day, full of promise if we take a step forward. Our situation won’t change unless we do something about it. So, instead of worry & stress I’m placing my mind on goals & dreams & knowing that our situation will change when I move forward & if I think about it, things could be way worse. I’m excited for the plans running through my brain and all the good that lies ahead for us & our little family. I know that God is Good, He loves us, He’s never failed us, & He has big things in store for us.

All that to say, no matter what you’re going through you can see the beauty in it. God will always use the struggle for good. You may not know exactly what direction to go in but if you take a step forward & then another step you’ll begin to see where He’s leading you. Here’s to beautiful messes & journey well worth living.


_0011.jpgAgain! How cute are these girls!

I loved that I’ve met a lot of people who are newer to the Peachtree City area like I am. The Van Eman’s were one of those families. We hit if off right away & had a great time exploring Line Creek this fall. The girls were super sweet, the puppies well behaved, & the family full of love. I loved watching them all interact & witnessing the bond they each share with one another. We’re blessed to have people like them in PTC.


_0001.jpgOkay, are these not some of the cutest kids ever?!?!?!!!!!! That little dude so hip & his sister so stylish. The Beane family knocked their session out of the park from styling to laughter & love they had it going on! I love that the kids got to play near the water while mom & dad let me grab a few of them. You know that’s so important to take a minute for just the two of you to fall slip back into that just us moment we rarely get when we have kids. These two did great!

Thanks for making me feel so welcome in my new city, Peachtree City._0002.jpg


Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Peachtree-City-Georgia-Family-Photographer-Atlanta-Georgia-Family-Photographer_0001.jpgOh, these boys & this family. . . how I love them! I love to hear all the “Miss Meghan, watch me!” & the laughter & outright boys being boys when I’m with them. When planning their session their mom said they were really into climbing trees, so guess what we did? Well, they did. I did race down the hill with them though & of course there were tickles to be given. After some time being silly with the kiddos we celebrated mom & dad’s anniversary by popping some bubbly juice. I love watching kids & their excitement for trying sparkling juice for the first time. They feel so special & grown up & it’s adorable! These boys just melt my heart though.

James & Rayne, Thanks for having me over again & letting me love on your kiddos for a bit. You guys are great parents & I know your boys love you big big. Love ya!

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