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Peachtree City Senior Photographer, Enter the curly girls of the Cothran quads but I wonder if Emma might have curls too. Let me introduce you to Reagan. I just love her smile! It’s like her smile shows us her heart and it’s a big one. I asked her if she knew what she wanted to do after high school and she answered, “Study to be a nurse.” Honestly, I think anyone who has a heart to love strangers and help them when they’re hurting is a pretty amazing person. Unfortunately, nurses often go unnoticed and unappreciated in hospitals but they do so much good. I believe Reagan will make an amazing care giver some day.

After reading through Reagan’s questionnaire we basically could be besties. She loves cooking, swimming, shopping, Netflix, Mexican Train Dominos, and my three favorites. . .journaling, checking the mail and Jacksonville, Florida! Sometimes, life is just too much or so sweet and you don’t want to forget – journal. Other times God speaks volumes (I have a fun God story for you next week) and you need to process it in writing. Then there’s the times when you simply just need to write your feelings to release it all.

Next, let’s talk about checking the mail. I know it sounds strange but I mean really, who doesn’t like getting a hand written note or letter? It’s truly a dying art and honestly such an intimate thing. Recently, Gabe and I came across some old letters my mother-in-love had written to friends years ago and how wonderful was it to see her handwriting and hear her heart for her family. I guess it’s kind of like journaling. Anyway, I love this about Reagan.

Lastly, there’s good ol’ Jacksonville! When I saw that name on her questionnaire I knew we’d get along splendidly. In fact she’s there now and I’m so very jealous! I guess Duval will always hold a special place in each of our hearts.

Reagan, I love your heart! I see it and it is good and it is powerful! Don’t ever minimize who God created you to be! Always know that you were created with a purpose and you have a great destiny. Simply follow His leading you’ll change people’s lives…I believe it!
Peachtree City Senior Photographer,
Peachtree City Senior Photographer,
Peachtree City Senior Photographer,
Peachtree City Senior Photographer,
Peachtree City Senior Photographer,
Peachtree City Senior Photographer,
Peachtree City Senior Photographer,
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Peachtree City Senior Photographer, Meet Emma. The second of the quads I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing for their senior pictures. I loved seeing how different they all were! Emma is definitely her own person and I love that so much! She showed up in the cutest blue and white striped dress but she was ready to put on her camo shorts as soon as possible. Clearly comfort is important – a girl after my own heart! Does that give you a hint as to what she likes?

This girl is all about the country. Hence, she enjoys being at their home in the country as much as possible . Her dad is her “sidekick” and she’s up for hunting and fishing any ol’ time with him. Loving a good pair of boots and some mud riding makes her herself.

She does have some baking skills though I hear. She says she likes to make pecan pies. I should have had her make one for my husband. Who doesn’t love a good, sweet pecan pie!

Emma, girl, I just love you! I love that you are unabashedly you. I think that is such an important trait to have when venture out into this great big, crazy world. Embrace all that you are and know that you have something wonderful to give. Seek it out and when you find it shine it bright! I pray all the blessings and joy over your senior year and years to come.
Peachtree City Senior Photographer,
Peachtree City Senior Photographer,
Peachtree City Senior Photographer,
Peachtree City Senior Photographer,
Peachtree City Senior Photographer,
Peachtree City Senior Photographer,
Peachtree City Senior Photographer,
Peachtree City Senior Photographer,
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Well, David is one of four siblings born on October 11th and he’s the only boy. Whoa, I wonder how that was growing up amongst all the frills? Even so, It appears as though he’s handled it quite well so far. As their senior year approaches they’re all dreaming about where they’ll go from here and what they’ll do. It sounded like they’ll be choosing different schools. I believe, a little distance is good to really figure out who you are as an individual apart from all you’ve known.

We kicked off their high school senior photo session with David at the golf course where “golf is life”. It sure was a hot day but he hung in there long enough to get some great shots. David is a hard worker and dependable. He loves golf and like most boys he likes video games and going to the movies. I love that he’s a boy scout! I think the skills a boy learns at boy scouts is so great for life. Of course the fact that he’s been to my Jacksonville warms my heart and makes me happy knowing others enjoy my city too.

After I posted last weeks blog post about the quads it was very apparent through everyone’s comments that these kiddos are loved and admired greatly.

David, I just wanted to say good luck and many big blessings on whatever your heart leads you to do over the next few years. I pray He guides you clearly and He uses you powerfully to change the world around you. I just pray favor over your life and a life filled with much joy!Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Peachtree-City-Senior-Photographer_0013.jpg


Never before had I been called to be the photographer for quadruplet seniors but it sure was fun! So, I send out a questionnaire to most if not all of my clients, depending on the type of session. I love to get to know each senior, family, or couple so I can better tell their story. I always love to hear what’s popular to the seniors and how their likes differ from the beach to the city to the country. Interestingly, reading David, Emma, Reagan, and Peyton’s questionnaires it was obvious they were so different. I was excited to meet them put the activities they enjoy with the face.

The one thing they did all have in common was good ol’ country music. Some loved Netflix and all seemed to enjoy some sort of job but all types of jobs.

For their session, we headed out to the country and explored a friend’s property. The stable was beautiful but unfortunately the horses kept their distance. It was definitely a hot day but everyone did great and we got those commemorative photos of their senior year.

You’ll have to check back next week to see their individual photos.Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Peachtree-City-Senior-Photographer_0009.jpg

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It was so wonderful to see the Benson family again for some family pictures! This time we left Peachtree City and moved over to nearby and adorable Senoia. It’s one of my favorite places to visit. With the threat of rain I knew we kind of needed to work fast so we jumped right in. Unfortunately, within a just about 15 minutes the heavens opened and our session was put on pause. Thankfully, there’s a little house where we found some shelter and stayed pretty dry. We watched the rain ebb and flow in strength and then finally it cleared enough to have some more fun.

We tried our hand at bubbles but that was kind of a bust. Some of those super cool toys can be more complicated than the old ones. The kids ran and explored and giggled to their little heart’s content.

Let me just say that little C man is one smart, imaginative boy! He imagined the house we found shelter in was a robber’s house. Then we met some pirates who had just done a birthday party for someone. C was convinced they were real and told me to be careful when I walked by them. How precious!

Then little L is one bright sunshine! Those bouncy blonde curls melt me so much! She’s grown a bunch since last year but she’s just as giggly and sweet as ever!

Having been a long time babysitter/nanny/teacher I know how much a family can come to mean to you. The family I spent so many years with means the world to me and those kids are like my own. Therefore, I love that the Bensons include their nanny in the their family sessions. Somehow, we create family in so many beautiful ways!

Anyway, even with all the rain we still had a great time laughing and exploring.

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