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It was a very chilly day when we met to get this cute family’s fall family photos done. Poor little April was so cold but brand new baby Owen was warm as could be. Everyone was a great sport and we knocked these photos out as quickly as possible!

I love these photos and the way they’re all snuggled up and are now a family of 5 but there’s more I want to talk about in this post.

I met Aga when she reached out to me to do some photos of just her about a year or so ago. She said she liked to have her photos taken once a year to just document her life. I loved that. Moms so often opt out of being included in photos or are the ones taking the photos. They hardly show up in the images that capture their children’s lives. Anyway, we’ve kept in touch and I actually photographed Owen’s birth back in October. I’ll share some of those beautiful images soon. Aga is so sweet and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her over lunch dates and photo presentations.

Aga and Nate are raw vegans. I totally admire their lifestyle and commitment. I’ve actually stolen a few recipes from her that are so good. Anyway, Aga was diagnosed with a disease that causes cancer to grow in her body. After Owen was born they discovered that a tumor in her brain had grown during pregnancy and it was time to do something about it. Aga and Nate gathered all the information they could and decided to go a more natural route of healing. I won’t even try to explain it all but you can listen to their thoughts at Aga’s YouTube Channel. Most of it is in Polish but there are some English videos as well as the birth video she put together using my photos and video clips.

Why am I sharing Aga’s story? Because she is a beautiful soul and deserves to be healed and with her family. She went away to heal for about 5 or 6 weeks and I can’t wait to hear all about her experience and the results. You all know that I’m a believer and I believe in miracles and medicine and love natural ways of healing. So, I’m asking that all of you praying people out there would say a prayer for this momma that when she goes for testing the doctors would find no more tumor!

I’m not here to get into any debates about the way we should eat or live or lives. I just have a heart to see this woman whole and healed. Thank you for your prayers!


Oh, brand new, squishy little babes! Aren’t they just so precious! Their sweet baby smell and little grunts just melt your heart! I was so excited when Carrie & Matt invited me into their home to meet their new bundle of joy and do a lifestyle newborn session! Having a new baby is such a transition and so exhausting but these two made it look like a breeze. I know they were tired and in the midst of adjusting but they were rockstars! The way they shared the feeding and diaper changing was so sweet. Matt had his little tricks to keep him quiet and of course there’s nothing like momma snuggles! It was a pure joy to document this new little family!

Thank you guys so much for inviting me to photograph the beginning of your life as a family of three. Little baby S is so sweet and I know he’ll be a joy to watch grow up!


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Meghan Stewart Photography, Family photo session
I absolutely love it when clients take me to new places for their family photo session! Brittany had done a bunch of different looks for their sessions over the years so she wanted something new. Hence, she was looking for something a bit more rustic and urban. I’d probably describe this location that way and it turned out perfect!

We prayed away the rain and met early on a cloudy morning just outside Senoia, GA. I’m so proud when clients try new things like push the “boundaries” and go with the flow and just have fun! Certainly, mud puddles can be scary when you have little ones in clean clothes but they braved them head on. Furthermore, we may have trespassed but isn’t it better ask forgiveness than permission? It seems like my favorite thing to do during a family session is just wonder around an interesting area and find fun spots that inspire me. Above all, the Hudsons were right on board with stopping wherever my vision landed and I think it turned out pretty great!

Thank you guys so much for doing something out of the box and taking a chance with the weather and mud puddles! You guys look so great and your family is so sweet! I can’t wait for more session to watch the kiddos grow!

Meghan Stewart Photography, Family photo session
Meghan Stewart Photography, Family photo session
Meghan Stewart Photography, Family photo session
Meghan Stewart Photography, Family photo session
Meghan Stewart Photography, Family photo session
Meghan Stewart Photography, Family photo session
Meghan Stewart Photography, Family photo session
Meghan Stewart Photography, Family photo session
Meghan Stewart Photography, Family photo session
Meghan Stewart Photography, Family photo session
Meghan Stewart Photography, Family photo session
Meghan Stewart Photography, Family photo session
Meghan Stewart Photography, Family photo session
Meghan Stewart Photography, Family photo session
Meghan Stewart Photography, Family photo session
Meghan Stewart Photography, Family photo session
Meghan Stewart Photography, Family photo session

Okay, now for a few tips for planning a great photo session.

First, let’s talk clothing options. Brittany did a great job with their outfits. I love how the neutrals don’t distract from them. The color, textures and patterns mesh really well.

Next, how about location. It’s fun to try have an idea of a look you want but also to be willing to go outside the box. Sometimes the most random places can turn out really really awesome. Like time I stuck a senior girl in an old chicken coop.

Lastly, there’s ever present worry about how the kids behave. I know you want your kids on their best behavior and to try to get your session done as quickly as possible but slowing down and going with the flow creates some amazing photos. This family has spent many a session wandering new spots and just having fun getting some great family photos.


As I look at Peyton’s senior photos I can’t help but think about the beauty of youth and the promise of the future. I mean Peyton has gorgeous, glowing skin, does she not! Then there’s all the potential that lies ahead of her. Dreams to pursue, goals to reach, life to be lived. So much fun!

One thing I’ve noticed that most seniors have in common is their love for their friends. There’s nothing quite like the friends you make while you’re young and making memories. It’s even better when those friendships continue with you throughout your life. I so enjoy seeing past seniors come back home from college and hang out with their besties from high school. Peyton, hold those friendships close and cherish them!

I had a great time with Peyton during her senior photo session. She was so laid back and relaxed. We just flowed from one location to the next with ease. We found all the pretty spaces and the cool spaces at her friend’s property until we found ourselves looking over the valley as the sun set. It truly was a great evening!

Peyton, good luck in all you do! I pray all your dreams come true, you make even more close friends and you always know how beautiful and loved you are!


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From the moment these photos downloaded onto my hard drive and popped up in my editing queue I couldn’t wait to share BUT I had to wait. It is definitely not unusual for this to happen in the fall when so many family photos take place. Photos are such a great present and these were gonna make great gifts for the family. Now I can share! Yay!

Meet one of my very best friends! Shanna and I are pretty different. She’s bold and strong and speaks her mind (in a good way). I’m quiet, yet strong and mull over things before I speak. We lived together for a few years and over that time, though different, became fast friends. We’ve laughed none stop at movies, cried together and been there for each other when times were tough. She is a true treasure in my life and I’m so very thankful for her.

She married the greatest man and they made the most adorable little girl. I love the way they follow their dreams even it takes years. They are exactly them no matter what others do or think. I admire their strength and love.

We’ve tried for years to get pictures of their sweet family. The last time they hung out with me and my camera was when little E was born. It was definitely time. I’m so glad we made it happen even if it was an early morning and we dodged the rain. It was prefect and right on time.

I love you guys so much and I’m thankful for both of your friendships! You guys mean so much to me and Gabe! I can’t wait to hang out again with or without my camera!

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