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Let the suspense be over! We finally got our Wildflower in town and we couldn’t wait to do our smoke bomb gender reveal with her! She really wanted a sister so she was crossing all fingers and toes hoping that smoke would come out pink. Did it????…..

IT’S A GIRL!!!!!!!!

We are totally stoked and couldn’t be happier. I thought it was a girl but have always seen myself as a boy mom so I was kind of surprised when we found out but I’m loving our little girl so much! Gabe said he kind of wanted a boy but then deep down he admitted he was super excited about a girl. So, we are loving dreaming about our little princess! I love talking to her and feeling her move around. I also love that I can finally pick out girl clothes and maybe begin to figure out a nursery!

I’m sure now you’re wondering about a name. We have not decided on a name yet and honestly, we’ll probably keep it to ourselves until little girl arrives. Maybe we’ll share initials once we decide but you never know, we might change our minds once we see her precious face!

As always, we covet your prayers throughout the pregnancy and for our little Bean. If you have any specific prayers for her you’d like to share we’d love to hear them.


Meghan Stewart Photography, Atlantic Beach Family Photographer
I love when I can head back to my last home of Selma Alabama and catch up with friends! How absolutely adorable is this little family! I always love my time with the Bobo family! After their session is over I feel like we could hang out for hours and just chat and catch up. It’s always such a blessing with you can really connect with people on a deeper level.

As walked Caroline’s mom’s beautiful property we caught up a bit and chatted about pregnancy issues. Caroline said she’d been praying for me and that always means the world to me. Little did know that just a couple of months later we’d find out I was carrying our little Bean. God is so good and prayer is so powerful!

Caroline, I’m so thankful for you sweet friendship! I wish we were closer so we could hang out more and just chat over coffee or something. I hope to see you around soon some time! Hug those cute girls for me!
Meghan Stewart Photography, Atlantic Beach Family Photographer
Meghan Stewart Photography, Atlantic Beach Family Photographer
Meghan Stewart Photography, Atlantic Beach Family Photographer
Meghan Stewart Photography, Atlantic Beach Family Photographer
Meghan Stewart Photography, Atlantic Beach Family Photographer
Meghan Stewart Photography, Atlantic Beach Family Photographer
Meghan Stewart Photography, Atlantic Beach Family Photographer
Meghan Stewart Photography, Atlantic Beach Family Photographer
Meghan Stewart Photography, Atlantic Beach Family Photographer

Here’s a sweet glimpse of their last session.


The Gaillards in Atlantic Beach is one of my favorite sessions every year! Everyone wants to be an Atlantic Beach Photographer because the spots are awesome! This year it was like Vella had grown leaps and bounds! She still loves turning cartwheels on the beach but she also has her own fashion sense now. She’s becoming a little lady!

I can’t help but get a little misty eyed as I look at these pictures. The beach will always and forever hold my heart. Not just any beach but the Jacksonville Beaches! It holds all of my favorite spots and know it almost like the back of my hand. There’s a calm and ease to the atmosphere. A lot of the people I love are there and so many corners are filled with fun memories! I totally can’t wait to be back there in May for sessions. My husband also promised we’d some day live there. . . I wonder when they day will be?

Gaillards, as always it’s such a pleasure to see you guys! Joel, you’re such a great sport and Shelly, I love those outfits you show up in. Vella, you keep growing and being you! Love you, Gaillards!


You can see the Gaillards in another view of Atlantic Beach here


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Living in and being a Peachtree City Family Photographer has allowed me to meet some fun families! It is so fun to watch kids grow up! I always hope families actually do something with their digital images! I think a family year book is such a fun idea. I need to get working on our’s for sure!

I first met the Bomar family when their littlest was just a newborn. His big sisters were so in love and you can see how that dynamic is at the end of the session. Typical siblings, am I right?

Anyway, it was so great to see them all again this fall and see how much they had all grown. Their personalities are still the same. one outgoing, one shy, and little man exploring and on the run. It’s always fun to capture each different personality and freeze it in time.

Thank you, Bomars, for coming out and allowing me to capture you family again! You guys are great!


It’s finally almost time! I have been waiting to make my yearly trip to Jacksonville for spring/summer sessions! We finally have sun instead of rain and it’s getting me all excited for sunny Florida days with my toes in the sand.

My trips to Jacksonville every year are filled with good food, catching up with friends and lots of fun sessions! Sessions will fill up my mornings and afternoons while meeting friends for late dinners will round out my evenings. I’m hoping I’ll get into a swimsuit and parade my pregnant belly around the beaches too. I can’t wait to introduce our sweet Bean to the sounds of the ocean. I may even dig a hole in the sand like my mom did and lay this belly in it! It’s gonna be a great trip!

All that being said, it’s time to save your spots! Use these sessions for family, children, engagement, seniors, head shots, lifestyle…whatever you can dream up! They do tend to go quickly so be sure to book soon. I’m happy to do full and mini sessions. I can also shoot in the mornings and the afternoon/evenings! Be sure to email, text or call me soon to save your spot.

There’s a little incentive to spread the word too. For every new client you send my way that books a session you get $25 towards your next session or product…your choice!

Mini Sessions are $125, 20 minutes long and come with 5 digital files

Regular Sessions are $200, last up to 1.5 hours and products are purchased from there.

I’d also love to do some lifestyle sessions so let me know if you’re interested in a more customized, real life shoot and we’ll get it planned. Those sessions are $300.

I look forward to hearing from you all very soon!

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