Oh Sweet Family – Jacksonville Florida Family Photography

I could go on and on about this family but it would make for a very long blog post so I’ll try to spare you the length and give the highlights…

  • Kayla and I met because of Naomi and I think somehow we kind of help fill the gap of missing her for each other.
  • Their girls are just too darn cute and Kayla has the greatest style.
  • Kayla and I have started shooting together.  We go out and play and she’s started helping me out with some of my photo shoots.  FUN!!!!!!
  • Kayla has started her own photography business and her passion for photography and doing what she loves inspires me.
  • Did I mention her kids are ADORABLE!
  • She sent me am awesome shirt as a thank you/surprise and it made me cry.
  • She’s a wonderful friend and just all around great person and I’m blessed to now have her in my life.

Until later…



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2 Responses to Oh Sweet Family – Jacksonville Florida Family Photography

  1. kayla

    Yay! We finally made it to the blog! Such kind words, Meghan. I’m thankful for our friendship, too.

    And I LOVE those last two!

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