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Baby Bump Update and Pregnancy So Far

Man, I really thought I’d be better and more creative at taking progress pictures of me and Bean growing. I guess being tired and busy kind of got in the way of that. I also don’t have a great blank wall in my house so…this is what ya get. At least I have the memories to keep! I have missed a few weeks though.

baby-bump-update_0001.jpgMy first trimester was pretty good. Morning sickness wasn’t too bad but I definitely didn’t feel the best. I felt great in the mornings and then got more tired, bloated, and uncomfortable as the day wore on. The promised energy and good feeling that came with the second trimester couldn’t get here fast enough!

I think it took a little longer to start feeling good and even then the energy was not what I was hoping for. Last week, week 24, I finally decided to use the energy I did have in the mornings to do the physical household things and exercise I wanted to do. Boy did that make a huge difference! I feel like a new woman! My energy continues longer in the day, I’m craving healthier foods, and honestly just happier! I love knowing my home and family are being taken care of, work is getting done, and I’m taking care of myself and Bean. I’d say I’m winning these days!

I can’t remember exactly when I first felt Bean kick but boy is she busy these days! We found out we were having a girl at our 18 week anatomy scan and all looks great! She measured a little longer and heavier than “average” which I’m good with. Now that my belly is gettin bigger I’m nervous she’s gonna be a big baby! You can see our gender reveal pictures here.

I used to wonder why pregnant women would talk about the difficulty of certain things like picking up things up off the floor or tying shoes. Um, I get it now! I think I’ll have to break down and pay for a pedicure soon. Evenings still get more uncomfortable but I’m trying to figure out how to eat during the day to help with that.

Here are just a few little fun things. . .

I think I just felt her have hiccups for the first time a few minutes ago.

Violet got to really feel her kick for the first time yesterday and it was priceless!

Gabe saw her move for the first time the other day and it was big ol’ punch!

Most times she moves when I sing to her or lie down.

I have mainly just craved lemonade and one night I really wanted a glass of wine!

Sleeping isn’t too bad and I’m praying it never gets bad.

I’ve been having some stretching aches and pains, which aren’t fun, but glad to know my body is getting ready for us to meet her!

I’m really excited to “take” her to the beach next week and do a little swimming and sunbathing. We’ll also be having our first baby shower and I’m super excited to celebrate her life with so many precious women in my life!

We aren’t settled on a name yet but trying one out to see if it feels right. I’m really big on the meaning of names so her name is super important to me. The meaning behind what we’re trying out now is very much my hope and prayer for who she will be in this world.

I guess that’s about it for updates on the bump. Bottom line, we’re going well!

Business wise, things are going well. I have a bunch to blog and headed to Jax this week for summer sessions so stay tuned! Things will be getting a little big of a revamp soon so stay on the lookout for that as well! I can only imagine what life and work with a newborn will be like! There’s lots of prayers and trusting God going on over here!


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