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Baby Bean – Our Miracle Baby Pregnancy Annoucement

Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Our-Pregnancy-Annoucement_0004.jpgWell, the secret is finally out and now we can share with all of you, our friends and extended family! Baby Bean is officially on the way and we couldn’t be more excited to share our joy with you!Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Our-Pregnancy-Annoucement_0003.jpg

If you’ve followed me for awhile you know that we’ve had our struggle with staying pregnant. We lost our first baby at about 8 weeks. That was such a hard loss after wanting a baby of our own for so long. The second baby we lost so early on that I never really made it to a confirmation of pregnancy doctors appointment. As you can imagine, after losing two there is a certain amount of fear that goes along with getting pregnant again. Preparing my body to hold onto a baby in case we were blessed to get pregnant again was very important to me.
Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Our-Pregnancy-Annoucement_0007.jpgOne day I was praying and asked God to give me direction on how to heal my body naturally so I could carry a baby full term. That very same day a long time friend whom I hadn’t heard from for years wrote and told me she felt like she needed to share some information with me. She connected me with a doctor who specializes in helping couples get and stay pregnant by healing their hormones. That’s exactly what I needed. Isn’t God amazing!
Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Our-Pregnancy-Annoucement_0005.jpgWe were put on a strict diet and I was given some Chinese herbs. It was amazing how my body and cycle changed and healed with just a dietary change! You guys, food matters!
Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Our-Pregnancy-Annoucement_0006.jpgIt was my birthday weekend getaway when we found out we were expecting another little Bean. What an amazing 40th birthday present! There was a bit of fear that attacked me but Gabe is so good at speaking truth to me. This pregnancy has been completely different than the first one. I’ve had all the regular symptoms of a healthy pregnancy but none of the scary ones! Praise the Lord! He knows just what this momma needed! You guys, I’m having a baby!
Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Our-Pregnancy-Annoucement_0008.jpgWe decided to keep little Bean to ourselves for awhile. We wanted to just enjoy the secret but also I wanted the least amount of stress in my life during such a precarious stage of pregnancy. We’ve enjoyed these first 13 weeks of baby Bean’s life but now we’re even more excited to share the news. We told my parents and family this weekend and it was so much fun! Some of them kind of figured it out when I didn’t partake in my usual red wine at dinner. I knew that would give it away.

We want to say “thank you” to everyone who has prayed for us. Thank you for your kind words over the months of our loss, healing and journey into wholeness. To those who have celebrated with us, we are so grateful that you are in our lives and cheering us on. I’m thankful our little Bean will have you in their life! Mostly, we are in awe of all that God does to show His love towards us. He truly knows our heart’s desires and answers in His timing. For those still in the midst of your journey, we’re praying for you, He hears your prayers!

These picture bring tears to my eyes because of the faithfulness of my Papa God. My story may not have been on my timeline but God knew. He brought Gabe and I together not when we were 14 and friends but when we needed each other.

Gabe sees me, loves me unconditionally and he’s the partner God knew I needed. We push each other to be better and love one another in the process. There’s absolutely no one I’d rather walk this journey of life with than him. He is my rock and my best friend and now he’s my baby daddy.

All I ever wanted was to be a wife and mom and now it’s coming true. God’s plans are the best ones and I’ve learned to trust His timing. I’m excited to hold our little Bean and pour all the love I can into him or her. My greatest heart’s desire is that this child would be a world changer, brave and courageous. They would know their Papa God from an early age and worship and love Him with great abandonment! I just feel really blessed right now.

Photo Credit goes to Sam Jones but edited by moi.

  • Delores Topliff - I totally could not be happier for two people I love very much. And it goes without saying that I/we/all of us love your little one, too, and will be praying and celebrating at every step of the way. A BIG Congratulations!ReplyCancel

  • Vickie - Could not be happier for you Meghan. We will continue to hold you and “baby bean” in our prayers. God is good.ReplyCancel

    • meghan - Thank you and for your continued prayers!ReplyCancel

  • Karen Greenleaf - Meghan, what wonderful & exciting news!! We are so happy for you & Gabe! Prayers for continued health for Mama & Baby!! Praise the Lord!👏❤️ReplyCancel

    • meghan - Thank you so you much! Love you guys!ReplyCancel

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