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Four Decades –

You guys, for real?! How did this happen? I’m forty years old! What the?!!!

No, for real, it’s great! I was actually pretty excited about turning 40. I’m not quite sure why. My husband said turning 40 sorta felt like you’d made it. You aren’t really a young person anymore but kinda know how to do life. I’m not so sure I agree with that totally. I still feel like I’m figuring this whole living life well thing out but I do feel like I have a more realistic view of life as well and I’m settled in that. Maybe he’s right.

As 40 approached I began to think about the things I’ve done in life and the things I haven’t. Of course, I think most people begin to think that way as they get older. I’ve bought two houses on my own, traveled the world and run a successful photography business. I’ve gotten married and become a step mom. Furthermore, I haven’t had my own children, I’m not debt free, I haven’t done some profound thing to change lives and I’m still confused about what I’m truly here for. Yes, I’m here to glorify God but how do I do that in my own way?


You know, life can seem to not be what you wanted it to be. I wish we had kids of our own and I’d love our own craftsmen style home on a bunch of land with my lake to drink my tea beside. Most of all, I’d really like to have some ministry that sets people free. Unfortunately, we can sometimes feel it’s too late for all of that. Too late to figure out what we’re here for and how to make a difference or change who we are. Well, I realize I have 40 years behind me but I could be less than half way done with my life. That’s pretty cool and encouraging.

Mostly, I remember that God has good plans for my life. Life doesn’t look like I had dreamed when I was 18, 25 or even 35 but it’s good. If I follow Him, listen for His voice and be obedient my life will be amazing! It won’t always be easy for sure and may not look like I had planned but I know He loves me and wants to give me all the blessings He has stored up for me and my family…in His timing. Now that gets me excited!

So, what does 40 hold for me? First, I think I’ll be letting go of fear and trusting God more. Second, I’m venturing into a new season of photography (be sure to follow us at The Studio at Daisy Hill). Third, I’m praying I’ll clarify my dreams and find tools to really chase after them. Fourth, I’m working on having more free time to do things I love to do. Fifth, to be a phenomenal wife and mom and create a home full of peace and love.

So, this is 40!

And because I like to have a good time how about some outtakes from my self timer self portrait photo shoot. You guys, I was laughing so hard! I’m pretty sure I got some crazy looks from people driving by. But I’m 40 and who cares! I almost didn’t do this because I felt silly but one thing I want to change is not doing what I want to do. I don’t want to live a life with regrets! So, I had some fun! Those dang balloons!


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