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As you may know I love to tell people’s stories so why not tell a business’s story through Personal Brand Photography?

You may ask why a business would need something like Personal Brand Photography and for that matter what is it? Well, in a time when MLMs are more popular than ever and algorithms are changing every other day personal branding is super important. As a result, our voices can get lost amidst the crowds so that the people we want to reach never find us or connect with us. Today the place to reach your target audience is through social media. People don’t just want to see your product or your service but they also want know who you are. They want to see your face and get to know you. For that reason we have personal brand photography.

Finally, how does personal brand photography work? Think of it kind of like a lifestyle session. We choose 3 to 5 (or more) “stories” about you that will help you connect with your audience. After that we come up with some fun ways to tell those stories through images. Then wee shoot for a bit and you walk away with tons of beautiful images to use on social media platforms that connect with your followers and convert into sales or bookings. Cool right? No more self timers with your phones. You’ll no longer look like an amateur but a real pro at what you do. Also, no more searching for hours for images to tell your story but everything at your fingertips. Awesome, right!

Recently I did my first personal branding session with my friend, Carrie, and her team at The Truth Republic. I love working with companies or organizations that are making a difference. Certainly these women will be pouring into the lives of other women in ministry making their journey easier. Because women are powerful if given the tools they need they can surely change the world.

Scroll through this post and see what you could get from a personal branding photography sessions with me.


If you think your business would benefit from a personal brand session follow this link to my dedicated personal brand site for more information.


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