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A Photographer’s Favorite Lens

I think if you asked any seasoned photographer what their favorite lens was it wouldn’t take them a second to answer you. We all have that one lens that just speaks to us. For me it’s my Canon 50mm 1.2 baby.

I’m a saver and I can proudly say my business has never lost money in a year. I shoot and make sure I have enough to buy what I want. That’s how I got this lens. I saved and dreamed of the day I would click “buy” on this little treasure of mine. When it arrived I remember taking it from it’s safe packaging and hugging it. I was so proud to own it and honestly I kind of felt like I had arrived as a photographer. Well, that wasn’t true but you see that red ring around it? That means it’s really nice glass and more of a professional lens. It is my baby.

The red ring isn’t the only reason I love it. I love it’s size and focal length. It’s not too wide and not too close up. It allows me to get in close to my subject without getting too uncomfortably close. At the same time I can step back and get a wider scene to tell the story more fully.

Another thing I love about this baby is the 1.2 aperture. For those of you who don’t know what that means it has to do with the depth of field that I can shoot in. I love those shots were just an eye is in focus and the rest of the photo just falls away into a dream. The bokeh, or blur in the back ground, is also wonderful with this lens. The bokeh allows me to viewer to focus on the important part of the image while the rest fades away. This lens just gets me the look I love.

You can tell by the following “behind the scenes” images that it’s the lens that stays on my camera most of the time. Here I’m making sure I’m not going to fall into the pool getting those dancing shots.

Meanwhile, it also goes on all of our fun family outings!

My 50mm sure has brought me so much joy. Next I’d like to add a 35mm to my arsenal.

Photographers, what’s your favorite lens or do you have any questions about what’s in my bag?

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