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New Mexico Family Vacation

As a kid I never thought I’d be one to love travel but I caught the bug after my sister and I went to Scotland and Ireland in 2013. Consequently, I’ll travel just about anywhere at any time. I dream of going a lot more than we do and seeing this beautiful country of ours. So, when my husband suggested a trip to New Mexico to visit his family over the summer I was in like Flynn.

Of course a road trip to NM means we get to make some stops along the way and see some national monuments. First, we stopped in Abilene, TX to see my sister-in-law and her family. My favorite part was watching everyone pitch in to make a delicious dinner. Let’s talk about Texas heat here for a minute. Okay, it’s dry but I swear even dry at 102 degrees is HOT. I felt like the sun was burning me alive! I’ll take humidity over that any day.

Then, we arrived in Lovington, NM to see some more family and explore the state a bit. Side note, I didn’t always have my “big” camera with me so a bunch of great photos are on our phones. Anyway, I think spending time in Lovington was my favorite. While there, I met some of Gabe’s mother’s sisters and boy was that a hoot. They kept speaking Spanish, which I don’t know, and the oldest sister kept reminding them I didn’t understand. I loved them. You know how you can have “aunts” and “uncles” that aren’t really aunts and uncles but rather friends but they feel like family? Gabe has a lot of that going on in New Mexico. I fell in love with all of them. They are so kind, authentic, generous, and so full of love. . . my kind of people.

Third, we headed to The White Sands National Park  to begin our exploration of the state. As with any road trip, if you see something cool you gotta pull over. Well, we have a thing for cemeteries. Violet likes to read the names and see who was born the earliest. We stumbled upon this grave yard in the middle of nowhere and rather than rush on we stopped. I think we found some people born as early as the 1800s there.

The tiniest little grave stone.

Fourth, we pulled off to take in this breathe taking view.

and do a little climbing.

We finally arrived at White Sands and oh my word! It was hot but so beautiful. I just can’t get over the creation God has placed on this Earth for us to enjoy. There’s so much variety in one state. We got a GoPro for this trip so we did a lot of fun “sledding” pictures with that but I haven’t downloaded those yet.

Fortunately, Gabe booked us a hotel in this quiet little town. We made it just in time to get some ice cream for the girls who could have sugar. Gabe and I just watched. When we got back home everyone crashed for the night but I had to go see the sunset.

As a result of staying up I was able to witness this spectacular view.

Then, the following day we got up and made our way to Carlsbad Caverns. All I can say about that is…wow! I walked through there and couldn’t help but keep asking God why He made such a thing. The only thing I heard was for us to enjoy and wonder at His power and creativity.

It gets chilly and dark down there so that results in sweatshirts and grainy pictures.

We finished up our trip back in Lovington taking in some of Gabe’s favorite places and spending time with family. Of course we had to get borderline pictures!

Certainly, if you ever happen to be in Lovington you have to check out Cornerstone Coffee Shop. They have great food and the Earl Grey lattes are amazing! You’ll probably have the best posole or thai soup around! The atmosphere is so full of love and joy which pours out from everyone who works there…my family.

Let me explain this photo. Lovington is a very small town with one theater. When we arrived it was showing Antman and the Wasp which Gabe worked on. The night before we left we saw that The Meg was coming next so we had to get a pic. I know, we’re silly.

On our way home we spotted this abandoned house on the side of the road and my hubby quickly pulled over so we could have some camera fun. I love these shots!

This picture on the left, of Fiona the Highlander, is when I truly fell in love with my new car. She was good to us on our trip.

Finally, a quick stop at the Mississippi boarder and then on to home. Above all else, meeting and being with family was what filled my heart the most. I can’t wait to see them all again.


I’m ready to go again. Where should we go next? I’d love to go to Ashville, NC. Then a bit further to The Redwood Forest, Yosemite, The Grande Canyon, Joshua Tree, Oregon, Colorado, the list goes on… Where would you go in the US?


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