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Sam Jones – Branding Photography

I met Sam when I lived in Selma, Alabama. She was the cute, funky girl I saw across the church who was dating Luke. She seemed pretty cool so in all my introverted ways I never really got to know her. Big mistake, Huge! (10 points if you can name that movie quote). I think the closest I really ever got to spending time with her was when she and her now husband lead worship at our wedding. A beautiful voice, sweet spirit, and boy did they usher in the presence of God at our wedding! I will forever be grateful for that! I never thought we’d be doing some branding photography together but here we are.

Continuing on, I of course followed her on “the gram” and began watching her journey with essential oils. I loved her excitement and that she was searching for a natural way to heal herself of acne and just kind of detox her home and life. All of this was right up my alley. Therefore, I got in touch with her, went to a little class she and our friend Anna were doing, and the rest is well, you know.

Our friendship as moved beyond essential oils and our dislike of the horrid acne we battle. Guess who also is a photographer, SAM!!!!! She’s kind of starting out and finding her voice and direction. Since she’s been transitioning from her 9 to 5 to pursue photography amongst other little side hustles I know how she’s feeling right now. It’s scary going out on your own, putting your work out there, and not knowing if you’ll fly or fall.

I love her drive, desire to learn, and vulnerability. She’s not afraid to say it like it is, or maybe she is but pushes past it. Maybe she’s finding her footing but she’s been such an inspiration to me. I think she’s been a good reminder of what’s like to build again, to grow, to change, to be yourself.

You know, as we get older we look at the younger generation and admire their growth and drive to figure out who they are. I watch with excitement and a little jealousy that so much potential lies before them. Somehow, watching Sam on this journey has reminded me that my journey doesn’t have to stay where it is. I’m not stuck in a box doing one thing. I too can change and become more me than I am right now. (My husband was so sweet to tenderly remind me of this the other night but that’s for another post.) So, I’m excited about my story and journey and I’m so thankful for other creatives like Sam to spur me on to be better than I am.

Okay, so Sam and I have both been learning how important social media is in business and putting our faces out there. When I was home on a recent trip we got together and took pictures of one another. It was wonderful getting to know her better and drink the yummy lattes she’s been perfecting. We’re both kind of leaning towards branding photography, this type of session, where we can really get to know people and tell their stories. We’ll see…

Sam, thank you for being you! I see you and admire all that you’re doing. Sometimes we get caught up in our lives and “stuff” that we think “how in the world am I making a difference.” You my dear, are making waves. Keep pushing through the things that feel too big and you’ll go far! Love you girl!

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