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The Brantley Family – Generations – Peachtree City Family Photographer

Count them – 33 individuals, 4 generations, 8 family combinations (I think), and a whole lot of laughter, love, and fun!

I love big families! Yes, it’s a lot to handle as a photographer and as the “family planner” but it’s so worth it! When everyone is together for the first time in a long time you! Because everyone came from so many different places our time frame was limited and of course me wanting the yummy light meant everyone had to get up early! As they filtered in we grabbed the different groups and I got to watch the family love grow!

There was so much laughter as we gathered in the field by the barn. The newest addition to the family got passed all around and everyone let their fun colors show. I felt so welcome into their gathering and honored to witness how close knit a large family all spread out can actually be.

Jasmine, the “family planner” did an amazing job getting this shoot all together. The colors were perfectly coordinated and everyone filtered in at a great speed. The night before she even kept everyone in remembrance that they had to get up early and wanted them to look their best. Way to go, Jasmine!

Welcome to the family, little one!

How cute are these siblings! Big sister kept asking for a picture with her brother. We all know what that means, she loves him bunches!

These two girls, full of laughter and sass! So much fun!

We all know I love the real in between moments during sessions and weddings so I loved capturing these ones. Quiet time with your favorite friend and the guts to explore and get high!

The woman who started it all, Miss Velma! She was quiet and gentle and let everyone handle the session but she has an essence regality and power and is so full of love! She has done such an amazing job with her big family!

The children. Okay, full exposure here. I was organizing a shot with Miss Velma and her kids and little bit here on the right was hanging in with the group. I asked her to scooch to the side and that’s when I found out she was one of this amazing woman’s children. Miss Velma has adopted this precious little one. I have such a heart for adoption and love that this wonderful woman is continuing to spread love to all who need it.

The grand kids.

And the great grand kids!

All so beautiful and sweet! Next time your extended family is together be sure to take some time and get some pictures taken. You’ll be so glad you did!


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