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Fun Friday – Piedmont Park Dogwood Festival – Atlanta Photographer

I may be an introvert and home body but I sure do love to get out and do fun things like the Piedmont Park Dogwood Festival. Vi was home for spring break and we had to do something inexpensive and fun! We all have a love for art and creating so it only made sense to explore there. Of course it was hot for my Mexican and Native American family but they pushed through and we saw everything.

Have I mentioned that I love hands? The first thing my mom noticed about my dad was his hands. Hands and hugs are just so comforting to me. I often “bandaid” my husband because I just need that physical touch. He secretly loves it. I always love to capture a child’s hand in their father’s because it seems so protective.



Let’s talk about my childhood a bit. I’m not gonna say we were poor but we definitely didn’t roll in the dough. My parent’s did a fantastic job and never made us feel like we were going without. My mom, being an interior decorator, made our home look fabulous and so homy on a budget. God always provided – ask about the milk story! But, I somehow embraced a poverty mentality. I think we didn’t buy a whole lot when we did fun things and we didn’t go on extravagant vacations. So, even things like buying a $5 popsicle seemed outrageous to me. I still struggle with it but I love that Gabe embraces the moment and makes each excursion a memory. We’re a good balance for one another.

These two sure does bring out my goofy side and help me share it with the world!

So, I’m kind of addicted to henna right now. I secretly or not so secretly want a tattoo but I’m scared so for now I settle for henna. What’s your vote? Yes or no for a tattoo?

I had to show Vi how we in the photography biz get the shot. “Walk like this and look and laugh and feel silly.” I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m crazy!

I love both of these pictures so much. Myself being a shy child, I love that Wildflower is so bold and faces her fears. I remember when Gabe and I first started dating he’d ask her to get a left over container from our server. Scary for sure but we kept encouraging her and pushing her to be brave. Now she’ll go on rides, ask servers for whatever we need, and faces her fears head on. Then she comes out laughing and free!

I’m so thankful and blessed for weekend fun with my family. This weekend we celebrate Gabe! Fun is surely ahead!


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