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Brian – Senior Graduate

How can he be a senior already! I remember years ago when I home schooled this one, we sat at our desks or lounged in the floor and thought of what we call a land we owned. I’ll never in my life forget what Brian came up with. . . Briagra Falls. I just found that so witty and funny coming from a 1st grader. Brian has always been this mix of fun and jokes along with kindness and love. He was always a snuggler and perhaps we called him our “drama king” but he was always up for some wrestling with his brothers, JP and Grant.

That “drama king” paid off for sure! Brian stared in his final high school play, A Few Good Men. He also stole the show at Mr. Ugly, even though he definitely isn’t ugly. He’s headed off to Berry College this fall and will be dabbling his finger in some acting I’m sure.

As we strolled around his stomping grounds in Atlantic Beach, we did some catching up and I got to know the now grown Briagra Falls. I love that he’s fallen in love with art history and would like to travel. He surprised me with wanting to recreate some of the photos I took of him and his brothers years ago when I was just learning photography. We gave our nod to his love of baseball which was instilled in him by his father. He plans on maybe playing on a league in college as well! But overall what I saw was the sweet and kind boy he always has been!

Bri, Love you man and I’m so excited to see where you go and what you do in this great big world! Always stay true to you and know who you are and who you belong to. Love you and congrats!


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