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Glamping – Our Anniversary Trip


Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Atlanta-lifestyle-Photographer-glamping_0001.jpg A little for him a little for me meant glamping for our second wedding anniversary! A few weeks before our anniversary a friend posted about a new business in Georgia, The Georgia Glamping Company. It looked amazing. . .think hotel feel in the great outdoors. I knew it was right up our alley. I could sleep in a bed, have a potty nearby, and Gabe could build a fire and “rough” it a bit. Of course my camera was in tow so here is our life on a weekend away together.Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Atlanta-lifestyle-Photographer-glamping_0002.jpg

We laughed about how many times we stopped on our way to Unicoi State Park. I think it was like seven times or something. We stopped to get some steak and sides to grill out, firewood, oh – steak knives at the dollar store, a hot dog at the QT, and then finally our destination. It may have taken longer to get there but that’s one thing we love to do together. We wander, stop, explore, and laugh a lot along the way.

You guys, the accommodation were amazing! The bell tent was so roomy and decorated to the nines with even a fridge and heating and air! The attention to details outside the tent didn’t lack either. A bistro set with greenery atop, twinkle lights to illuminate our space as the sun set, comfy chairs to sit by the fire, and rugs out the wazoo! Okay, I know that’s strange but the rugs made it so homey! Seriously, I wanted to redecorate our house when we left.  

 After unpacking our stuff we went for a hike around the lake. It was really a perfect day to be outside in God’s beautiful creation.
Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Atlanta-lifestyle-Photographer-glamping_0017.jpgI love this man so much! I had heard people talk about how they loved their spouse more after years of marriage than the day they married but I didn’t really know if that was possible. It is! Learning him more and choosing him daily as increase my love for him immeasurably. We laugh more than ever, we’ve found each other to be the rock we need, we’re learning to communicate in a healthy way, and we’re becoming better people because of the other. I find I’m more myself with him than I’ve ever been and I love that!
Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Atlanta-lifestyle-Photographer-glamping_0018.jpgMeghan-Stewart-Photography-Atlanta-lifestyle-Photographer-glamping_0019.jpgSo, after our little evening hike we came back to camp to cook over the open flame. Gabe is a pro at building fires and loves to grill things that I love to eat so this was a perfect combination for us. We grilled steak, shiitake mushrooms, onion, poblano peppers, and of course we had some stinky cheese.
Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Atlanta-lifestyle-Photographer-glamping_0022.jpgWe woke (in a comfy bed) to yummy light filling the tent and the sounds of nature outside. It was an overcast day with a chance of rain but it was perfect to get cozy by the fire. The other campers packed up and left us in quiet and solitude. Gabe made us another scrumptious meal over the fire and my favorite, some good ‘ol cowboy coffee. Can you tell we like to eat?

Once we got home from our little trip away I asked Gabe what his favorite part of the trip was. It was the same as mine! After we’d finished our breakfast we simply sat by the fire while he whittled a letter opener and I did some cross stitching. We chatted and just enjoyed the quiet together. Yes, we’re kind of old souls but I think that makes us perfect for one another.

What have I learned about marriage over the past 2 years? I’ve learned that I love it, it’s different than I thought, it’s not always easy but well worth it!

1. I’ve learned that marriage is sacrifice – it’s not just me anymore but it’s us and sometimes, should be always, putting the other first. The awesome thing is that when you both put the other first you both win.

2. Be slow to speak. I have found that when I speak too quickly out of my initial emotion I say hurtful things that I most likely don’t mean. This leads me into…

3. Learn how your mate needs to be communicated with. We all have certain love languages and histories that affect the way we can hear and receive. Learn your mate and talk with them the way they need you to. This will avoid many unwanted arguments.

4. Don’t take yourselves too seriously and laugh often. Love the silly things they do and let it bring a smile to your face!

To my love, my light, my favorite, and mr. sneaky – All I can say is that I love you more than I ever thought possible. There’s no one I’d rather spend my day with and making memories with. This year you have been my rock when things were heard, my safe place to be vulnerable, my adventurer and best friend. Thank you for loving me so well!


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