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The Jones

Oh, the Joneses and their little monkey sisters!!! I know you’ve seen them here before but now life is a little different these days. I’m sure Leanne gets her workout in by chasing these two little energizer bunnies! There’s little T with her sassy posing and then little A with her inquisitive fearlessness! I mean for real, that girl can climb! Put her high up on a chair and she’s all smiles!

I know I’ve said it before, but what I love most about the work I do is the relationships I create.  Getting to know a couple, a senior, a family and really telling their story is my absolute favorite. I realized recently I’ve lost site of that and I apologize. As I photographed George and Leanne’s family I decided to change that. So, be on the lookout for some new “get to know you” fun!

These two and their sweet girls are ones I really love and have connected with. We’ve spent almost every year together at documenting something in their family for maybe the past 5 years! See, I love this part of my job! As always, it was way too short of a time when I photographed them so for sure we’re getting coffee next time, Leanne!

Also, as a side note, Leanne is an amazing interior decorator so if you’re looking to update your home look her up! While she makes her home in our home town, she travels to Atlanta so all you GA peeps I think you can easily convince her to make a trek to see you. You can find her here

George and Leanne, as always, a great pleasure to hang out with you and your adorable girls! I’m for real, Leanne, next time I’m in town (in August at least) let’s make it happen! Love you guys and thanks for not only being my clients but being my friend!



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