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AC – A Passionate Soul

Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Peachtree-City-Lifestyle-Headshot-Photographer_0002.jpg Recently my stepdaughter has expressed her desire to figure out what her passions were. I know, it’s funny that a child would already be wanting to discover what makes her heart come alive! When you think about it, we all long to explore and do the things that make us tick. I believe our passions can change and that’s okay and in a way I think it’s how it’s meant to be. I know as an entrepreneur I can’t imagine doing exactly what I’m doing right now 10 years down the road. My passions have begun to alter or shift just a bit and I’m excited to explore where they take me.

These shifts have been accelerated due to my new addiction to podcasts. Two in particular are The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey and The Gold Digger with Jenna Kutcher. Every week Jamie invites a friend to chat about life and what they’re doing in this world. Every week I’m challenged to step into my passions that make a difference in the lives around me. I’m not exactly sure what that looks like yet but I’m praying and asking God to “use me”. Jenna is so helpful along with her guests to encourage entrepreneurs to build a business they love. As I begin to dig into what makes my heart come alive I’m realizing that it is kind of what I’m doing now but with a different focus. I long to tell the stories of people who make a difference, who have a passion and actually go after it. One such woman is AC Reeves.

I met AC a few years ago when I bought my house in Selma, AL. She is an artist and creator but she’s also a go getter. Like many who move to Selma, she went kicking and screaming about 20 years ago. It takes time for the small, sleepy, southern town to grown on you but once it does you’re kind of hooked. Selma has definitely captured AC’s heart. No, there aren’t many fancy stores or a plethora of extraordinary places to eat but there’s a lot of love. Relationship binds the people together when history could be the thing that tears them apart. The people’s hearts are good and they long to see Selma rise to the Queen City she once was. AC is a real estate agent that is revitalizing the historic buildings to their former glory. She recently renovated the old Woolworth building into lofts for airbnb rentals. She also has plans for a fun café on the first floor. Her dream is to see the citizens pull together and make Selma great again. In the Woolworths building she listed everyone in the city who donated time, money, supplies, and more to save this building and begin the journey of bringing life back into a once vibrant town. She truly is an inspiration of what one woman can do when she lives her passion.

AC, thank you for all you do for Selma! Please know that it does not go unnoticed and I pray and believe that one day you’ll see Selma rise to her queenly state.


If you you know of anyone that is doing something amazing I’d love to hear more about them and tell their story. It doesn’t have to be huge because I believe that even the smallest of efforts can make a difference in at least one person’s life.

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