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Our Life with Chickens

Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Peachtree-City-Lifestyle-Photographer_0001.jpg Gabe & I often dream about a smallish farm on some beautiful land with a lake or pond on it. We’ll have chickens, a vegetable garden, Wildflower would like some goats, and maybe some bees – even though Gabe is allergic. We’ll wear our overalls, I’ll ring the dinner bell at quitting time, and Vi will come with dirty toes and sun kissed cheeks. It’s a lovely dream but we’re not sure if, when, or where this will ever happen.

We woke up just like any recent Thursday morning but little did we know our lives would change by that evening. I headed off to the airport to get our little Wildflower for Spring break while my love headed off to work in the movies. He had been working set dec for a tv show so we never knew what the day held for him. One day he was planting, another day building, and this day was the surprise of all surprises. I got a text that they were headed to get chickens and he might be late for our lunch date. Vi and I went about our day and then I got another text. . . so, we have 6 chickens! I guess our dreams of a little farm may be happening sooner than we thought. Insert wide eyed emoji!
Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Peachtree-City-Lifestyle-Photographer_0002.jpgAs Wildflower and I love to do we set out to naming out egg laying hens. We have Berlin, Barb – short for yummy bar-b-q chicken, Rhonda, Bacon, Carol, and Marcy – short for chicken marsala. Feel free to guess who named which ones? I bet you won’t guess.

Then farmer Gabe and farmer girl Wildflower began building the coop. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with their building abilities. The hens are much happier and laying us some sweet brown eggs! My hubby is quite the learner so he’s been doing tons of research and taking good care of our chicks! As long as these girls survive, I guess we’re on our way to our little farm!
I just gotta say one more thing about this adventure. I love my little family! It so fun that we’re spontaneous and go with the flow. I’m pretty attractive to the fact that my husband researches and plans and does things 100%! Although, at times I’m just like, “decide already!” I love learning out strengths and weaknesses and making them work together. Yes, marriage is work but when you figure out how to work it it sure is an amazing thing! I love this little life we’re creating even if it isn’t exactly the way we thought it would go at first. God has a plan for us and we know it’s a really good one!


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