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Made of Light

Oh, these Monday Musings. . .

Where do they come from? Sometimes it’s a movie. Others it’s a scripture or a book. Then, like today it’s a song that speaks to my heart, brings tears to my eyes, and calls me to live more boldly. There are some artists that just speak to my spirit and soul so deeply. One of those is Steffany Gretzinger. She is a worshipper to her bones and lives with abandonment before the Lord. I admire her freedom and long to worship and love as she does. As soon as her new album was released for pre-ordered that puppy went in the cart and I played that first available song over and over. Little did I know the last song, the album title song – BLACKOUT, would move me so strongly.

I didn’t just listen to it first but I watched the music video. How fun that a Christian artist was doing a true music video with their album! I didn’t expect what I saw and it took me a minute but then I fell in love with it. It’s not anything I would expect a Christian music video to be but what moved me was that Steffany was being completely herself. Living boldly, not concerned with what people say or think, but being a light in the darkness the way she was created to. The words she sang and even the video spoke volumes to my heart and who I was created to be.

In a blackout
We will illuminate the dark
They won’t escape the beaming
We will glimmer, we will glow

I don’t now about you but maybe you feel this way too. I feel like I was made for something big. My heart longs to spread His love in a dark world. I want to illuminate the darkness that people live in so they can know they are loved beyond measure and see the light of His love. I don’t think we do that by preaching. We simply do that by loving. We drench people in His love by being the light, by being who He created each of us to be – individually. I will never love or change the world the way Steffany can with her music but I do have a unique “sound” that He put there to change the world around me. I don’t know what it will look like but I do know that I will glimmer, I will glow.

This our paradigm
The world didn’t give it
We are made of light
The world didn’t give it
And they can’t take it away

The beauty of the light within us is that the darkest night cannot put it out. Life is hard sometimes and we feel surrounded by darkness. We walk through terrible things that try to steal the truth and love we’ve been giving by a good Father. But as Steffany shared about this album, “He teaches us to dance while tears roll down our faces.” The world didn’t give us the light so it can’t take it. It doesn’t belong to the world. The light shines from the inside and nothing can blow it out.

You can’t turn out a light shining from the inside
Can’t turn out a light shining from the inside

So, my friends, let your light shine. Be you! Be bold and love the way Jesus loves! Don’t be afraid of the darkness but gold boldly into it knowing you carry a light that glimmers, glows, and changes the world!


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