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Photo Tip Friday – Studio Lighting

Last week we talked about how to work with natural light when taking pictures. We discussed the use of natural reflectors & how to get that pretty back light I like to so much. It will probably always be my favorite but I am kind of falling in love with some dramatic studio lights. Since my husband has been building lights for the movies he decided to build some studio lights for me & I couldn’t be more excited! I decided to end Aga’s head shot session in the studio & I’m pretty stoked with what we got.

Here’s what the set up looked like. I had one smaller light behind her to illuminate the backdrop a bit then two lights on either side of her at about 45 degree angles to her. I started this portion of our session with all of my lights on at 100%. That created a nice even look on her face as well as separate her from the background. I liked that but I wanted to create something a bit more dramatic.

So, I turned off the light on her right side & I loved this dramatic look I got. When I sat her down on the ground I removed the light on the backdrop & I like how her clothing kind of melts into the black of the the background.

Then I simply had her turn her head a little to her left & voila, an even look but with a bit more drama.Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Peachtree-City-Head-Shot-Photographer_0086.jpg
















Then I turned that light on her right back on but lowered the power of the light her left to about 75 to 50% & I love the softness it created.

This photo, I just really like.

I love to try new things & stretch myself. I’m excited to play more with these lights & create some really beautiful photos. If you’d like to be a model for me I’d love to have you! Happy Friday!


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