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Welcome, Nicholas!

Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Peachtree-City-Photographer-Birth-Photographer_0001.jpgSo, many thoughts about this post & I’m not sure where to begin but let’s begin here. . . Christina & I met via facebook as fellow photographers new to the area. We decided to trade sessions & she being about to give birth to her third child opted for a birth session. How awesome! I had never done one, wanted to, was scared, but I like to push myself outside my comfort zone so I agreed to witness & document the birth of their little boy. Little did I know a week before Nicholas was going to arrive I’d lose my own baby to a miscarriage. I know some thought I was crazy to go on with doing the documentation of a birth so soon after what I had experienced but Naomi taught me well & I went into that couple of hours doing my job.

It was a beautiful job! I showed up just as Christina started pushing, what timing! Nicholas was born to the nursing staff singing along to Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It”! There were no tears but there was a lot of smiles & laughter that greeted this new life! The room was calm & peaceful all except for tiny Nicholas’ very strong lungs. He was precious & so handsome! I had never seen a fresher baby & I couldn’t help but wonder who he would be some day. What a blessing to watch a miracle take place before my very eyes. His siblings came to meet him full of grins & giggles & a little uncertainty. Love filled the room & all of a sudden life without Nicholas seemed strange. It was an honored & blessing to be a part of such a wonderful time in a family’s life.

As the door to the hospital room closed behind me the professional side washed away & was replaced by the feelings of loss that were still so fresh. I called my husband, who was away on work, & we cried over the phone feeling the pain of not having our own little one to welcome into the world. I admit that as I drove away from the hospital I was angry. Nothing felt fair! Why us? Why me after waiting so long? Why now? But then a word was spoken into my heart, “What you witnessed tonight is a promise of what’s to come for you!”. I don’t know why we’ve had to walk through what we have but still know & say that God is good & our baby’s life had meaning. I realize more than ever how much of a miracle a life is. The conception, pregnancy, birth, a healthy baby. . . each step a miracle & a life created that has great purpose. Gabe & I will one day be blessed with children of our own but for now I celebrate each life that so miraculously graces this Earth, even for a few minutes, days or weeks.

So, as you’re out today amidst the hustle & bustle & possible frustration of the season remember that each person you come in contact with is a miracle & has purpose & is worthy of love. Slow down this season & rest in the miracle of birth, THE birth of our Savior whose life & death truly give us all a reason worth living & loving. You, dear friend, are a miracle & have great purpose. Today I honor you & all that you were created to do in this great big world.

Christina, Thank you for welcoming me into such an intimate time in your family’s life. I don’t think you’ll ever truly know what those couple of hours meant to me. I wouldn’t trade them for anything! Thank you!


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