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Through the Years – Monday Musings

Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Atlanta-Georgia-Family-Photographer-Meccas-Through-the-years_0001.jpgWhat a journey!!! What a joy!!! What a privilege!!!

I’ve been going through old sessions, cleaning out, making room for new ones (2005 – 2014 sessions & weddings are 25% off until April 1, 2017). As I sorted through old discs I began to think about my faithful clients & friends who have supported me for so long on this glorious journey. There are so many to include in the joys & stories I’ve had – The Porters, The Cummings, The Budnicks, The Tombs, but there’s no one like the Meccas! Oh, my gosh, I’m about to cry! The Meccas have been with me almost since day one. They have included me in family events, waited with me when I locked my keys in the car, scouting new & different locations, cookie picnics at the park, & just life. I’ve watched little Madison grow up. I’ve told their story & kept their memories for them. It’s been a joy¬†for sure!

It’s so fun to look back at these pictures at how much Madison has grown, styles have changed, & how I’ve grown as a photographer. I’m so glad I simplified my editing & stuck to what was natural & real. I love that I see my work of today in my work from the beginning. I’ve been true to myself & that makes me proud. I’ve captured genuine laughter, quiet moments, & little ones discovering this great big world. My heart is happy & thankful for this journey I’ve been on & if it weren’t for families like the Meccas who believed in me I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who have stuck with me & watched me grow & trusted me with your memories! You have blessed my life beyond measure.

Almost from the beginning we began a tradition of the Madison & Meghan picture at the end of most every session (it looks like we missed a couple). I wish I had done this with more of my clients but all those memories, even if not on film, are in my heart. Love you little Mads and see you in May!


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