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Risk – Monday Musings

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I never considered myself a risk taker or a brave soul.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked into investments but never made the leap because I’m just too scared of the uncertainty of it all.  That’s it. . . that’s what keeps us from taking risks.  We think & ponder on the what ifs & we find ourselves frozen in the fear of what might happen.

Last week I was chatting with a fellow artist & entrepreneur about the risks we take as such people.  We live our lives by what we create.  We put ourselves out there for others to judge whether we’re worthy of being looked upon and admired.  We work long hours, invest our time & money to build a dream without knowing if we’ll succeed.  We risk because we know there is greatness within us & out there & it just might belong to us.  Yes, we might fail but from facing fear we do gain something.  Like Mrs. Roosevelt said, “You gain strength, courage, and confidence…”.

After that conversation with my friend I began to look back over my life at the risks I had taken & where they had led me.

1.  Moved to Alaska at 17. . . alone = Made some of the greatest friends & discovered I was an artist.

2.  Knocked on Naomi Williams studio door not knowing how to shoot a camera in manual mode = She changed the course of my life forever.

3.  Bought my first house & took this photography business full time = Realized I am capable of more than I know & can do things on my own.

4.  Moved my life to Selma = Surrounded by women who love the Lord, Again building a success business, Watching a city go through revival, Fell in love.

Looking back, I’ve risked a lot & I’ve learned a lot about myself.  I am brave.  I am courageous.  I am strong.  I am authentic.  I am an artist.  I do have purpose.  I love who God made me to be.  I love doing life according to His will.  No, those risks and risks to come will not come without fear but I do know that if I at least take the step to see what might be I may discover more greatness.  So, whatever that crazy fear is – whether it be a dream, a new career, that vacation, love, even that scary phone call –  push past it & take a risk.  I promise there is greatness on the other side even if it doesn’t end up looking like you had thought or hoped it will be worth it.

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