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1000 Words – Fantastic Friday

Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Selma-Alabama-Photographer-Snippets-of-my-life-Dreams-do-come-true_0001.jpgI arrowed through the photos that we took at Line Creek & we laughed at our goofy faces & commented on all the yummy light we captured & then it appeared.  I stopped & I cried.  There I was – captured – my life frozen in time.  It was one of the most authentic pictures of myself that I had ever seen.  Me – the lover of nature, of water, of freedom, of life, of relationship, of a God who is good beyond measure.  I sat & I stared at it for a long time because that simple image that Gabe caught held within it so much more than a moment of my life.  In it I saw a girl who is loved beyond measure and is more than she ever dreamed she’d be.  Yes, my life looks different than I had thought it would at 30something but it’s so incredibly perfect.  It’s been a journey of facing fears, heart ache, hope deferred, chasing dreams, finding freedom, courage, learning who I really am & embracing it, building relationships, of obedience, tough choices, & trusting that God has it all in control.  There were days I didn’t think He was there or that He’d never answer my prayers but I made a decision to believe that no matter what He is good.

The last few months of my life have proven just how good He is & how being obedient to His call opens some incredible doors.  In 2014 I made the very hard decision to move from the place I’d almost always called home & go to place I honestly had hated most of my life. . .Selma, AL.  I recall one evening, after a session with regular clients who were now more like friends (Tina Porter that was you guys), climbing into my car & bawling my eyes out.  I loved my home & my job & the people I had met through it & had come to love. In all honesty, I yelled at God.  “If You’re asking me to give up my beach cottage, the beach, my business, my friends, & everything I’ve ever known You better have something really good for me on the other side.”  Then I dried up my tears & started packing my bags because He had said to go & I decided to trust Him.  Now about 9 or 10 months into being in a new place I can honestly say that God had something greater than I could even imagine for myself.  I’m surrounded by women who love the Lord so much & step out into new things just to have more of Him.  God found just the right church for me to plant my feet, be a part of, make friends in, & have places to pour out.  He placed me into a community that is united in seeing change & bringing life into something that was once considered dead.  He’s created time & space for me to grow with Him & to really love who He made me to be.  He’s broken fear from my life & has opened doors for me to finally realize one of my greatest dreams. . . photograph what He’s doing across the world (I leave for Africa next month).  And he’s brought someone into my life who sees me & loves me for me.  So that picture up there. . . it’s truly worth more than 1000 words to me.  It means far more to me than you’ll ever understand. . . so much more than what I’ve shared here. But if I were to sum up all that it means as simply as possible – it would be that God is better than I ever knew & He loves me more than I will ever comprehend.

If you’re in a place where you feel alone or like God is asking you to do something that sounds pretty darn crazy – just say yes!  He’s there even if you don’t feel Him.  He’ll show you He’s been there just when you need to see it.  Trust Him too – He has better plans for you than you can even dream.  They may not look like what you imagined but believe me – they’ll be far better.

Have a fantastic Friday!!Meghan-Stewart-Photography-Selma-Alabama-Photographer-Snippets-of-my-life-Dreams-do-come-true_0002.jpg

P.S. Gabe makes me laugh a lot too!

P.P.S.  To my dad on this the eve eve of Father’s Day – Thank you for being such an amazing example of how a good daddy loves.  Thank you for always having my best in mind, for pushing me into new things, for making me stronger, & for showing me who I am.  I love you so much & am beyond blessed to have you as my dad!  I love you!

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  • Milla Mercier - Meghan this was so well written and is so meaningful to me. Thank you for sharing your heart. So happy for you!ReplyCancel

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