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More Love Letters – Valentines For Strangers

What a night!  Best pre-Valentine’s Day ever!

I never thought I could feel so loved. I never thought loving others, expecting nothing in return, could bring such joy.  Last night I hung paper hearts, a funny red rose wreath on the front door, lit the candles, & opened my door & my heart to so many beautiful women.  Women who’s birthdays land on very different places on the timeline of eternity, with very different backgrounds & upbringings met with one purpose – one goal. . . to spread love.  We laughed, we ate scrummy food, we were quiet, we poured our hearts out, & I know I was changed.  We sealed our envelopes with love & a prayer that not only our hearts & lives would be changed but those who gather the courage to pick up the random envelope & read it’s contents would find purpose, healing, & love from a stranger – that they’d be changed forever.


My heart is beyond full looking at all of these powerful & beautiful souls pouring out love to people they’ve maybe never met or will meet – selfless love.

Jesse wanted to send love too!


If you see something like this around . . . PICK IT UP!!!!  It really is for YOU!

And then, when I didn’t think my heart could get any more full, I opened my coffee pot to brew a cup (or 3) & found a love letter just for me.  I don’t know who left it but please know that you made my day.  Your words brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you for seeing me.  Thank you for being my friend.  Just, thank you!

These amazing women not only came to write More Love Letters to strangers last night but they blessed my home too.  The words that were spoken & prayed over me & my dwelling made Selma my home last night.  Having you all there in my home & the things that you shared were answers to so many prayers I’ve whispered heavenward.  You will probably never know what last night meant to me but just know that somehow I felt so incredibly loved by my heavenly Father.  A greater hope & faith was birthed in me that all those dreams & prayers in my heart will be answered.  Thank you all so much for loving me the way you did last night.  I’m so very thankful to call you all friends & to be doing life together.  I can’t wait to see what God does in our tiny little town.  Watch out world, Selma is on the move.

My new friends brought this beautiful cross to mark such an amazing day.  It couldn’t be more perfect for me – it’s green & it reminds me of beach glass.  Thank you, my dear sweet friends.


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